“The word intimacy derives from the Latin word intima, which means the innermost layer of an organ, the wall of a blood vessel, about as close to the core as you can get….… Sexual intimacy is a whole person proposition, powerful and spontaneous. It’s more than the pilgrimage to the big O, it’s the emotional connective tissue that links body, mind, heart and soul.”

— Gina Ogden

Natasha Salaash is a Holistic Sex and Intimacy Counsellor, Trauma Informed Practitioner, Certified Bodysex Facilitator, Orgasm Coach, Our Whole Lives Sex Educator and Breathwork Facilitator who believes that the keys to sexual intimacy can be found inside rather than outside of us. Working from a client centred perspective, Natasha supports individuals and couples in exploring how the interconnectedness of their past and current life experiences can effect their ability to experience pleasure, be vulnerable, and have a healthy, passionate and intimate sex life alone or with a partner.

Using both problem focused and solution focused therapies (short or long term), Natasha couples her philosophies, with a non judgmental attitude and inherent interest, compassion for and belief in the humanity in all of us —regardless of what our stories are. She welcomes individuals and couples of all gender identities and sexual orientations into her counselling space.


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