“Having a conversation with Natasha Salaash about all things related to sex and intimacy, is like being wrapped in a warm quilt. I’m always offered a cup of tea and invited to put my feet up. The quilt that she wraps me in is not only beautifully crafted but it’s made up of panels depicting the stories and travels of her life- from the places she’s been and the lessons of her heart. The quilt that she shares is draped across my shoulders in all of its splendid colour; from the deep, rich purple of her knowledge to the red of empowerment, the blue of rushing waters to the green and sun baked brown of the land she has walked. This fabric is pieced together with a pioneer’s courage and resourcefulness.

Natasha Salaash is a pioneer in her field. She has followed her calling toward sexuality and intimacy not only through training and academic certification but also through reading, self-awareness, and a belief that living life fully creates its own path toward healing and growing.

Natasha’s quilt is for everyone’s comfort. It’s a safe place to rest. She offers it in the spirit of vulnerability and complete acceptance of human beings of all forms, genders, cultures, and orientations. The quilt is a haven for opening up forgotten pleasure as well as examining the darkest wounds of the body and soul — and everything in between. With Natasha’s quilt around me, there is not a conversation or question too complicated to explore. The most wondrous thing about Natasha’s quilt is that it inspires me to begin creating my own quilted masterpiece. By following the patterns and pieces she has put together, I begin to see the value in my own stories, travels and life experiences. I see that by bringing them to light and sewing them with my own hand, that I, too, have all the resources I need to come back to myself. Under these quilts I can remove my armour and emerge feeling embraced, acknowledged, and empowered as a beautifully sexual and worthy being.”

– Kae Teal (Educator)

My Credentials

• Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling
• Certificate of Applied Counselling Studies in Sex & Intimacy Counselling and Life Coaching
• Betty Dodson Certified Bodysex Facilitator
• Saskatoon Sexual Assault Centre Crisis Line Volunteer
• Our Whole Lives: Adult Sexuality Education Facilitation Training
• Sexual Wellness Educator Positive Passions Boutique
• Certified leader and group facilitator for Attachment Parenting International


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