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The definition of home is “the place where one lives permanently” and I think this definition can take on different meanings depending on who is speaking and where they’re at in their life. To some the word home embodies the individual parts of the self, while to others it means the structure within which they live.

I come to realize that our overall quality of life and the energy that we have to put into development of our self and interpersonal relationships, is dependent on the quality and “space” we feel within these 2 homes. I also realize that what constitutes a healthy home is individual and can’t be determined by anyone other than the individuals themselves. These beliefs are reinforced daily through my work as an Intimacy Counsellor as well as a Life Coach for adults and children with learning disabilities. I hear many clients speak of the desire to put more energy into seeking self awareness, achieving personal goals and building or maintaining healthy intimate relationships with others. Yet at the same time they speak of anxiety, depression, feeling overwhelmed by their home, the amount of stuff they have and the lack of emotional space to work on other areas of their lives.

Based on this feedback from clients and my personal beliefs and practices within my own home, “Creating Space” was born. I think that we all want to feel “at home” in both our bodies and the exterior home that we live in, and because the two are interconnected, it seems counterintuitive to work on one and not the other. Therefore I aim to guide and support clients in their efforts to Create Space in their home so they’ll have more space to engage in the things they really care about.

As as mother of 5, Professional Counsellor and Life Coach I believe that my life and work  experiences enhance my ability to support clients in whatever individual ways they need. I have a unique background having spent several years living in an Indigenous African culture with very little “stuff”, and later raised 5 children while running a home based daycare in a 900 sq foot home. I thrive on finding creative and practical ways to utilize space while keeping focus on the individual needs of my clients within their home.  My Counselling and Life Coach experiences provide me with a client centred, ethical, non judgmental, confidential and holistic base from which to approach this work. My experiences working with adults and children (some of whom have learning disabilities) has given me an in depth understanding into how to create a home environment for them which promotes self confidence and success.

Essentially I am offering a unique perspective from which to support clients through positive and obvious change starting within the home. With this change can come hope and energy to put towards building the life and relationships that clients desire. Creating Space can be that change.

Services Offered

$50/hour (minimum of 3 hours)

–  Initial 1 hour consultation where we identify the goals of the client, areas of the home to work on as well as possible storage and organizational supplies that may be needed/desired and will fit within the clients budget.

– Organizing of any space in the  home — from a closet, garage, storage room to the entire house.

– Transitioning through life stages (babies to children, teens, empty nest, downsizing)

– Guidance and input into creating visions for the space including built in storage, flow from room to room etc.

– Support with defining goals and implementing work on projects that have been dreamt of but not pursued

– Emotional support through sorting and possibly letting go of items that aren’t functional or adding anything positive to the client’s quality of life

– Removal of recyclable materials, items to be repurposed and waste. *removal costs extra


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