Natasha adheres to the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association Code of Ethics as well as the following Canadian guidelines specific for Sex therapists:

A: Confidentiality and Informed Consent

Sex therapists have unique confidentiality concerns, as the “client” in the therapeutic relationship is often more than one person. Client confidences will not be disclosed without written consent by each client in the therapeutic relationship. Exceptions are: 1) as mandated by law 2) to prevent harm to client or others.

Clients are informed and written consent is obtained when taping (audio or video) and when team consultation is used as part of the therapeutic treatment. Consent must be obtained if tapes are used for teaching, writing and public presentations.

All records and reports must be maintained in a manner that assures security. All records, faxes and electronic materials will be disposed of in a manner that maintains confidentiality.

The treatment contract will be discussed at the beginning of therapy. This should include the course of therapy (# of sessions), fees (see Section F) and confidentiality (as in the paragraphs referenced above).

B: Professional Responsibility

• Sex Therapists accept responsibility for the clients’ therapy and fulfill this responsibility with integrity.
• Sex Therapists are aware of their influential position and respect clients’ right to make decisions, and to understand the consequences of those decisions.
• Sex Therapists are aware of the trust and dependency of their clients. Sex Therapists will avoid situations (business and personal relationships with clients) that could impair their professional judgment.

C: Responsibility to Clients

Each registered sex therapist follows a Code of Ethics, which delineates the conduct and behaviour mandated by their qualifying profession.

There are specific concerns about sexual conduct in this therapeutic encounter. Sex Therapists are aware that their influence in the therapeutic relationship may be retained by the client(s) long after termination. Sexual involvement by a therapist with a client or former client is an abuse of power.

Sex Therapists are responsible to ensure that behaviour in sessions does not include touching of a sexual nature, or any physical sexual interaction. By the nature of sex therapy “sex talk” will be part of the treatment. It is the responsibility of the therapist to maintain appropriate verbal expression.

Sex Therapists will not provide treatment to persons with whom they have had a prior sexual relationship.

D: Responsibility to Supervisees, Students, Employees

Sex Therapists are supervisors, teachers and researchers.
• We maintain high standards of practice and scholarship. We present accurate information in recording and in fee statements.

Sex Therapists are aware of their influential position with supervisees, students and employees.
• We avoid exploiting trust and dependency. We avoid personal relationships, which may increase the risk of exploitation.
• Sex Therapists do not engage in sexual relations, exploitive, or harassing behaviours with supervisees, students or employees.
• Sex Therapists will seek professional assistance for their own personal problems or conflicts, which may impair clinical judgment or practice.

E: Fees and Financial Arrangements

Sex Therapists do not accept or give commissions for referrals.

Fees are discussed with clients and supervisees when contracting for treatment or service. Fees are consistent with other sex therapists in their location of practice.

Fees are billed accurately representing the services provided to clients, third party payers and supervisees.

G: Advertising

Sex Therapists accurately represent their educational, training and experience in their advertising – business cards, announcements, phone listing, public presentations and media appearances.

Information may include – name, address, phone number, fax, email, degrees and certification/registration, description of practice, fees and availability.


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