Couples Counselling & Individual Counselling/ Coaching

There are several reasons that clients choose to book a session or sessions with Natasha. Some issues, concerns or sexual education questions can be resolved in just 1 to 3 sessions. Deeper issues however will require more in depth understanding of the client history in relation to the current concerns, therefore requiring more sessions, to address them.

Common Concerns

• low libido
• communication problems
• mismatched sex drives
• inability to orgasm
• erectile dysfunction (difficulty attaining and sustaining an erection, premature and delayed ejaculation)
• porn addiction
• problems with maintaining or finding a partner
• pain during intercourse
• body shame
• sexual shame
• sexual trauma
• sex education (sexual anatomy, sex practices etc.)

• difficulties with intimacy during life transitions
• slut shaming
• boundary issues
• cultural differences regarding sex and intimacy
• polyamoury
• relationship infidelity
• rebuilding trust after it’s been damaged
• shame of sexual preferences, fetishes etc.
• navigating sexual orientation concerns
• substance or sexual addictions which inhibit one’s ability to maintain intimate relationships
• relationship communication issues including sexual negotiation and wants and needs

Relationship Enrichment Workshops

(Single or 7-part programs)

For couples at any stage in their relationship who are interested in gaining personal growth and self awareness while at the same time maintaining their partner relationship. By engaging in relationship education and self reflection, couples will be more likely to create relationships that meet the expectations and quality that they are hoping for.

Skype/Phone Sessions

For clients who are unable to come into Natasha’s office for face to face sessions due to location or personal preference. Please contact Natasha to book and for prices.

Sexual concerns (women only) that may not fall within the limits of talk therapy

Fees & Terms of Service

In light of the new Covid-19 restrictions brought forth by the government of Sask., I am no longer able to see clients in person. I am however, available for sessions via zoom for both individuals and couples.

Because I recognize that some of the nuances and integrity available during in person sessions is lost through a computer screen, I offer a lower fee for online sessions. 

Sessions for individuals are now $90 and couple sessions are $110. If these prices are too high for your budget, please let me know and I will be happy to offer you a discount that meets both of our needs. 

My specialization is Sex and Intimacy Counselling, and I am also trained in general counselling, so I am more than happy to help you will whatever support you are needing. (as long as it is within my scope of practice). 


Full payment is due at the end of each session and can be paid with email money transfer, Visa or Mastercard. (Sorry no Interac at this time)

In order to avoid being charged for a missed appointment, 24 hours notice is required for cancelling or rescheduling. If less than 24 hour notice is given the full fee will be charged.


What you share with Natasha in the counselling setting is strictly confidential as stated in accordance with her ethics, with a few exceptions:

• Natasha is required by law to disclose any current cases of child abuse(sexual, physical or neglect) to the proper authorities
• Natasha is required by law to disclose to the proper authorities if she has reason to believe that anyone’s life is in imminent danger including the clients or someone close to them.
• Natasha is required to comply with a subpoena to appear in court or to provide personal client notes.