Couples Relationship Enrichment Workshops

Many of us didn’t grow up being given the tools or skills necessary to make a relationship fulfilling in the ways we would like it to be. Couples Relationship Enrichment workshops (CRE) are designed to do this very thing. I like to compare them to professional development in the workplace. We wouldn’t expect to increase our skills or feel fulfilled in our jobs if we weren’t putting in effort to grow and learn through them. CRE follows a similar premise that in order to have a great relationship it is valuable to focus and work on what we can influence most effectively — our own skills and behaviour. CRE workshops are made up of 6 individual sessions with each one providing critical skills, knowledge and support to couples — giving them a better chance at developing and sustaining a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship.


What is CRE?

CRE is for adult couples of all ages, sexual orientations, gender, ethnicities and stages of their relationship who are seeking to maintain and strengthen their connection. CRE is strength focused placing emphasis on positives in the relationship while providing the couple with skills and tools in order to prevent future challenges. This is distinctive from couples therapy which is focused on the treatment of current relationship problems.


What does the workshop involve?

CRE is made up of 6 sessions (1 1/2 – 2 hours per session). Some couples choose to try out the first session before committing to the other 5 while others commit to all 6 from the start. Either way is fine.


The 6 sessions in the couple CRE program are:

1. Self Change – Identifying relationship expectations, goals and self change to achieve goals
2. Communication – Presenting a model of good communication that includes clear speaking and active listening. Identify “emotional bids” in the relationship and self change of communication.
3. Intimacy and Caring – Expressions of caring, balance of individual, couple and other activities, mutual support, self change of intimacy
4. Managing Differences – Value of individual differences, effective communication during conflict; conflict management, self change of conflict management
5. Sexuality – Sexual myths, sexual preferences, communication about sexuality; self change to enhance sexual intimacy
6. Looking Ahead – Anticipating change, planning for change, early identification of relationship problems, maintaining relationship focus and self change for managing the future.


CRE Workshop Details

Location: My office 58-158 2nd Ave N. Saskatoon

Session dates are agreed upon and scheduled based on client/counsellor availability. For couples choosing to do the entire 6 sessions, it’s important to book the dates 1-2 weeks apart to allow for time to practice skills gained before each new session.

Cost: $600/couple. Payments can be made in a lump sum or at each individual session. $50 discount if sessions are paid in full for a total of $550.

To register send me an email or contact me.

In this video Natasha suggests that challenges in a relationship could be looked at as normal and not a source of shame. Many couples avoid going to counselling because of this, and only end up there when the problems are too great to be fixed or the will is no longer there to fix them. She compares counselling and couples workshops to professional development in the workplace. Something that can help you to grow as an individual and a couple and of value to everyone.


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