Sitting with Natasha immediately feels comfortable and safe.

The approach Natasha took was so positive and affirming, that it made me feel safe to be vulnerable and helped me to be more understanding of my partner.

I loved the way she started out by asking how we were first attracted to each other and what we most admire about the other person. It made the session start out on a pleasantly nostalgic note, and as we moved forward into our current challenges, we still had the warm and fuzzy feelings inside of us.

Natasha also encouraged us to speak to one another instead of to her, and this was really helpful. It was a bit awkward sometimes and when she asked a question we would forget and tell her the answer instead of our partner. But it was a really interesting challenge and I feel it was essential to connecting in a meaningful way as we navigated the prompts from Natasha.

She is a kind, honest, and validating teacher who has a healing presence. She has a way of relating to you while still being entirely professional.

We loved every one of our sessions with Natasha and we’re looking forward to more. Marriage is a muscle that needs disciplined exercise in order to be strong, and Natasha facilitates this strengthening exercise.


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